January 20, 2012

Best Brownie Pan Ever

And trust me, I've tried quite a few. But I finally found the BEST brownie pan! This pan bakes the most perfectly sized brownies I've ever had. And the best part? They lifted out of the pan so easily! Not ONE brownie broke and fell apart.  I didn't have to use my fingers to "remold"  a brownie ... they were just perfect.

Here's the awesome pan:

And here is where you can purchase this pan.  Apparently it's just called "Chewy Brownie Pan." But I think it should be renamed to the Greatest Brownie Pan Ever Made!

Ready to bake!

The awesome baked to perfection goodness. Each row lifted right out of the pan with very little effort. I didn't want to cut them while still in the pan because I don't want to damage the finish on the pan.

Cut and ready to devour. And my boys did just that, husband included.

Does anyone else find it ironic that I'm currently trying to lose a few pounds? Ha!

Must. Stop. Baking.

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