July 28, 2015

Front Door Repainted

I'm not sure what it is about the summer that makes me productive. I have a hard time just sitting around and doing nothing. It's easier to do that during the winter but not so much during the summer.  You'd think with a pool in my backyard I'd be lounging by it every chance I get. But I don't.

I painted the front door about 6 years ago. I cannot believe it's been that long! Our door gets the hot afternoon sun so the paint was a bit faded and had dog slobber spots on it that wouldn't wash off (can anyone explain this?!)

I was also tired of the red door. Everyone has a red door. And since my husband vetoed my plan to replace our (red) shutters, I decided it was time for a change.  Our siding is a very light gray and with red shutters which means there are only so many color options to paint your front door. Good thing I like black!

Much better, right? I can tell you this much: it will be a long time before I paint anything black again. It took roughly 6 coats of paint to get an even look! I used Behr Exterior Satin all-in-one paint in black out.  What I thought was only going to take an hour to complete took an entire afternoon!

If only I could get rid of the brass ...

Next up:  finish the stairway railing repainting project I started much too long ago.  Milk Paint is my new best friend!  Stay tuned!

July 21, 2015

BarkBox Review ~ Box #3

It's been an interesting month in dog ownership, let me tell you. First there was Kimber and her seroma. Then she ate some "shag" from a rug which induced massive amounts of throw up and problems with the other end. And then Gunner. He finally had his Vet appointment on Saturday and was diagnosed with infected anal glands.

I am officially tired of gross dog problems. Both have follow-up appointments in two weeks. At the same time. THAT SHOULD BE FUN.

This ray of sunshine arrived in the mail late last week and for the first time, I got the shipping notification BEFORE the box arrived! Hooray!

The dogs were super happy with the box this month and Kimber quickly took claim of the elephant. In fact, she growled at Gunner when he tried to take it so he just stood there and barked at her. It was really funny. Siblings!

Because of all the bathroom troubles, we haven't been giving out many treats lately but I'm sure these treats will be loved too. They've liked everything that has been sent so far.

One more box left on our mini subscription!

July 17, 2015

Meal Plan - Week 2

Are you getting a load of this? I know. It's crazy. My Week 2 Meal Plan is planned and so is Week 3. I am committed, people.

Here it is:

Sunday: Homemade Chicken Fingers/Mashed Potatoes/Green beans from my garden (recipe to follow for the chicken fingers if everyone likes it!)

Monday: Steak, grilled

Tuesday: Ravioli

Wednesday: Hamburgers/Hot Dog for the picky one

Thursday: Leftover/sandwiches

Are you catching the Thursday trend? I tend to give up as the end of the week nears. Whatever gets a working mom to the weekend, right? 

And as you can see, we are simple people. No elaborate, hard to find ingredients in my "recipe" box. I just don't have time for that and if I decide to try a recipe like that? The Husband rarely likes it so it just isn't worth my time.  Going out to eat is when I scratch that itch and order something I know I would never make at home.  

I don't like eating the same thing all the time though so I think this meal planning thing will help with that and maybe, just maybe, help me find some joy in cooking again.

p.s. My kids have been put on notice too. If they don't want to eat what is being served, they are free to have cereal or PB&J.  This short order cook is out of business!

July 15, 2015

Dinner Boss

I hate dinner. I hate always being the one to have to think about dinner and what we're going to eat. Honestly? I'm perfectly fine with a scrambled egg or a bowl of cereal. Everything else is too time consuming. I realize this isn't realistic and even I would tire of eating eggs all the time (plus, I keep hearing there's an egg shortage. Um, what?)

So I decided to take charge. For the first time in a very long, I made a meal plan for this week.  Shut up!

Sunday:  I made this. REALLY good. I will make it again and it's probably making the meal list for our lake trip. I did alter the recipe though ... I used chicken broth and omitted the mushrooms.

Monday:  I made this. Also really good. I just used a jarred Michael's of Brooklyn sauce we really like instead of adding all the spices & crushed tomatoes.

Tuesday:  BLT's

Wednesday/tonight:  Shrimp Scampi.  No real recipe. I just whip it up.

Thursday:  Leftovers

Friday: I don't care.

Next week I will involve the grill since it is summer time.

Now that I have this list started, I saved it as a memo on my phone. I figure once I have 3 weeks of meals planned out, I'll have a decent "pot" of meal ideas to refer back to.  If I actually follow through with this, I will be the Dinner Boss in my house!

Go me!