March 27, 2015

Hello? Anyone?

Is there anyone out there that doesn't own a black North Face fleece?  Is there some secret society that I don't know about?  It's almost laughable at this point to walk down the street and see 8 out of 10 people wearing the same coat/jacket/fleece. If you are under the age of 30, there's a 100% certainty one will be on your body. And if your over the age 30, chances are you will be wearing one too trying to blend in to the under 30 crowd.

Sure they are nice, soft, and warm (I guess?) but this is one out-of-control trend I won't be joining!

March 26, 2015

Jelly Bean Tree

I've been hanging out on Pinterest again. I pinned this idea some time ago but finally acted on it because it's the right time of year.  It cost me $1.49 to complete.

All you need:

~ Some branches you stole borrowed from your neighbor's yard

~ jelly beans

~ a hot glue gun

~ a vase of some sort

Trim the branches down as you see fit and put them in the vase. Begin randomly gluing jelly beans to the branches and then fill the vase with the leftover jelly beans. And you're done. I think this took me 15 minutes, from stealing gathering the branches to sitting the finished product on my dining room table.

And yes, the men in my house rolled their eyes at me and asked why. I replied, "Why not? It's festive!"

March 24, 2015

Meet My New Friends

Yesterday my sister and I took the day off from work and visited three local wineries for taste testings. I had no idea this was something that could happen in the middle of the day on a week day. Yes, I live under a rock.  My sister suggested we do this as a birthday present to me. It was the perfect suggestion.

I live in a semi-populated area but within 5-10 minutes of my house, you quickly see nothing but farms and open fields with cows and horses. I absolutely love it.  One of the wineries was tucked away in one of those open areas and it just might be my new favorite place to visit - Auburn Road Winery.  It's a quaint place with lots of seating and they even have special Friday night dinners - who knew?!  For a very small fee, we were allowed to choose 8 wines to samples. And that we did. I bought a bottle of my favorite - Blessington.

The next winery we visited was The Wagonhouse Winery.  This placed smelled so good.  They use and sell Stone Wall Kitchen products of which I am now a huge fan!  Again, for a very small fee we were able to sample 20 wines - I kid you not.  The hostess/bartender knew her stuff and had a very specific order in which we sampled the wines.  There were a few I loved and some I didn't and after some deliberation between the Ornery Apple and Peck's Bad Boy, we both purchased a bottle of the Bad Boy wine.

The final winery of the day was Heritage Winery which I've driven past a thousand times but have never visited.  This winery was the most restrictive on what you were allowed to sample which was a little disappointing. You have to choose between sampling dry or sweet wines and only 5 samples are allowed.  Since we almost always don't like dry wine, we chose sweet wines. I liked all five wines. They were all very good! I ended up purchasing two bottles of wine: the Jersey White and the Jersey Moscato.

The next stop? FOOD. We ended the day with a late lunch at a local restaurant called Carolina Blue. We drank water with our meals.  We had a such a nice time. I think this will become an annual tradition!

March 19, 2015

Chobani Grape Greek Yogurt

It says on the container that this is a limited batch. Chobani people, can we unlimit this blend?  It's very good!!

You can get rid of the line with the steel-cut oats mixed in. I could not swallow that stuff but this concord grape blended yogurt is delicious!

Sold in a store near you, I hope!