July 15, 2016

Meal Plan - Wk of 7/17

I've totally lost track on what week it is so I'll just start using what I probably should have been using all along - the actual "week of" date.  As always, my meal plans start on Sunday. 

My Husband returns home today so my week long break from cooking dinner officially comes to an end. Yes, I'm sad. Here's what I've got lined up:

Meal 1: Meat sauce/pasta

Meal 2: Pork Chops

Meal 3: BBQ Chicken, grilled

Meal 4: Chicken steak sandwiches

July 13, 2016

A Week Off

I have no meal plan to post for this week because my Husband is away on a golf trip. So in honor of that and the fact that my boys would prefer to eat whatever they can find at 11pm, I'm taking a vacation from cooking dinner this week. It feels really good to fix myself what I want when I want it which basically means I'll be eating some version of mexican food all week long. 

I also took two days off from work to play taxi driver to drive the teenager to and from football practice. 

Yesterday I baked lemon bars and I will eat the entire 8x8 dish by myself because no one in my house appreciates lemon anything.

Yesterday I watched two DVR'd shows and a Lifetime movie - uninterrupted.  It was awesome. And speaking of TV shows, if you aren't watching UnREAL, you are missing out! LOVE this show!

July 5, 2016

Unplanned Silence

My lack of posting wasn't planned. It just kind of happened.  Call it a side effect of my mid-life crisis. And it seemed almost pointless to only post a meal plan each week because really, who cares.  

For anyone that does care, here's the current week meal plan:

Meal 1: Hamburgers/macaroni salad

Meal 2: Shrimp Scampi 

Meal 3: Bourbon Chicken (which has been on the meal several times but for one reason or another, we've yet to eat it!)

Meal 4:  BLT's

Within the past month, I watched my youngest child walk out of an elementary school for the very last time. I watched my (young) sister-in-law graduate from high school. I traveled to Maryland to help celebrate my godson's high school graduation as well. I hosted yet another family get together over Father's Day weekend (I'm burned out doing these dinners).

I wish there was a pause button. Life is flying by too fast. I'm stuck in the monotony of doing the same thing day after day. And I really and truly hate it. My husband and I have had a few conversations about this but it really doesn't help.  I know what I need to do but I don't have the courage to do it.

For now I will savor the few long weekends I have planned for this summer. We have no real vacation planned because of the football schedule. I'm looking forward to a solo road trip to NC in August to visit my oldest and dearest friend.

'Til next time.

June 10, 2016

Meal Plan - Wk 24

Meal 1:  New recipe (posting soon)! Summer Spaghetti

Meal 2:  Pork Chops

Meal 3:  Chicken Sandwiches

Meal 4:  Breakfast for dinner